Registering for any Society of OMS Administrators (“SOMSA”, “us”, “we”) event means you (“Attendee”/”Attendees”) agree to the following Terms. If you register on behalf of someone else, it means you have the authority to do so, and it means you assume responsibility for ensuring that the person or people you register are aware of and accept these Terms.

  1. Definitions. In these Terms, the following capitalized terms will be interpreted to mean the definitions provided below.
    “Business Day”: a day, including Saturday or Sunday, when banks and the federal government are open in the United States.
    “Content”: materials, physical or digital; information; and products provided by SOMSA or its event speakers or sponsors at, relating to, or in conjunction with the Event.
    “Event”: an event operated by SOMSA including a conference, webinar, meeting, workshop, award ceremony, and including elective events offered in conjunction with such an event.
    “Event Confirmation”: a written or digital confirmation of your successful registration for attendance at a SOMSA Event.
    “Event Pass”: typically your name badge, but other forms of proof of registration may, from time to time, be designated by event staff and volunteers as the Event Pass.
    “Event Sponsor”: a person or company which has entered into a sponsorship/exhibiting contract or speaker agreement with SOMSA.
    “Event Venue”: the venues at which the Event and elective events are held.
    “Participant/you/your”: an individual who attends a SOMSA Event in any capacity other than as a representative of SOMSA, the Event Venue, or entertainment staff.
    “SOMSA/us/we”: SOMSA staff, board members, volunteers, or their designated representatives.
  2. Registration and Attendance. Once you have successfully registered, you are entitled to attend the Event and all included activities; choosing to do so subjects you to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms and wish to opt out, you may cancel your registration before the Event starts. Please refer to section IX for the Event cancellation and refund policy. You may opt out of the Media Release as indicated in section III.

    You are responsible for all costs associated with attending the Event, for example, travel and accommodations. Some optional activities may be offered to attendees and their guests for an additional cost.

  3. Media Release. During the Event, SOMSA or its representatives may take photographs, videos, or recordings (“Media”), and by attending the Event, you have consented to your likeness being captured by the Media and to our use of such together with other photographs or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial, and other business purposes. You also acknowledge that other, with or without our consent, may use or reproduce the Media once it has been published online. You release SOMSA, our advertising or marketing agencies, our directors, officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from all claims for any kind on account of such use.
    If you would like to opt out of your likeness being capture in photographs, videos, and recordings, please let SOMSA staff and the event photographer know before the start of the Event, and we will make reasonable efforts to comply with your request.
  4. Event Pass. At Events where we gather in person, your Event Pass will be provided to you at event check-in and will be required for entry at all event activities and elective activities. Attendees must keep their Event Pass on them at all times during the Event.
  5. Accommodations. While we will do our best to send out special needs requests to all registrants, it is your responsibility to inform us and the Event Venue at the time of registration of any special access or dietary requirements you may have. At latest, we need your special needs requests at least 10 Business Days before the Event starts.
  6. Attendance Requirements. Attendees shall
    1. be over the age of 21 (If you would like to an underage guest to a SOMSA Event, please contact SOMSA staff before you register your underage guest as an attendee);
    2. follow all rules and policies of Event Venue, including any reasonable requests from Event Venue or SOMSA staff; and
    3. behave in a professional manner, respecting other attendees, sponsors, speakers, Event Venue and entertainment staff, and other Event Venue guests, while also following local, state, and federal laws so as not to disparage their own or SOMSA’s reputation.

    If we observe you to be violating or have reasonable evidence to believe that you have been violating these attendance requirements, we may take immediate corrective action, including and up to ejecting you from the Event without prejudice to any other rights or remedies.

  7. Suitcasing. SOMSA works hard to establish good-faith relationships with Event Sponsors, and only those organizations and individuals may conduct or solicit business at the Event. Any individual or company/company representative who is not an Event Sponsor is prohibited from conducting or soliciting business during the Event. If we observe you to be doing so or have reasonable evidence to believe you have been doing so, we may take immediate corrective action, including and up to ejecting you from the Event without prejudice to any other rights or remedies.
  8. Transfer of Registration. You may transfer your registration to another employee at your OMS practice by notifying the SOMSA office in writing (either mail, email, or fax) at least 21 days before Event start date to receive name tag in new attendee’s name. Registration transfers are allowed up to Event start, but no personalized accessories or selections (such as for meals or elective events) are guaranteed.
  9. Cancellation. All attendee cancellation/refund requests must be received in writing (either mail, email, or fax) by SOMSA office. No refunds will be granted less than 14 days before the conference, and no refunds will be granted because of, for example, flight delays, weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances.
    The graduated refund policy for cancellations is as follows.

    1. 30+ days before the start of the conference: Registrants will receive a refund 100 percent of registration fees, in the same method as registrant’s payment.
    2. 15-29 days before the start of the conference: Registrants will receive a refund 50 percent of the registration fees, in the same method as registrant’s payment. Members may opt to receive their refund as a coupon code, valid on their SOMSA account, to be applied to future dues or conference registration fees.
    3. 14 days or less before the start of the conference: No refund.
  10. Amendments. We may make amendments to these Terms from time to time, and the most current Terms shall be published on the SOMSA website at Amended Terms are effective immediately upon publication on, and your attendance at the Event subjects you to these Terms. If you wish to opt out of these Terms, you may cancel your registration in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined in Section IX.
  11. Waiver of Liability. You release SOMSA, its staff, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, Event Venue staff, entertainment staff, and any other individuals or entities associated with Event from any and all liability related to your participation in Event or changes to the schedule of Event.