Our membership continues to grow—we now have more than 300 members, and we welcome more every day! Being able to share information and ideas with a growing roster of OMS managers helps each of us solve problems in our own practices. We encourage new members to look up other members to contact, introduce themselves, and begin networking!

A huge benefit of joining SOMSA is having access to other practice managers around the country who encounter the same issues and have the same questions that you do. We have a lively discussion of those issues/topics and share our solutions to them in the SOMSA forums. It is strictly Members Only, so join today to get the support and knowledge of people just like you.


We began offering webinars in 2017, one presented every other month. Webinars are presented by key opinion leaders on such diverse topics as:

  • Practice administration
  • Legal affairs
  • Medical and regulatory updates
  • Human resource management

As an example, one of our previous webinars was on the important topic of cyber security, presented by Black Talon Security, a firm specializing in network vulnerability testing and HIPAA compliance for dental practices.

Do you see previous webinars that look interesting and helpful? When you join SOMSA, you have access to our members-only section that includes all of our previous webinars, as well any content associated with each topic!

Professional Development Box

Coming to a mailbox near you, the JAWS box is packed with helpful goodies that will advise and inspire you on all things Oral Surgery.

Each quarter a themed box will arrive with topics ranging from Human Resources to Practice Management. Think of it as a care package from the people who care about your success.

In addition, a special “gift” will be inside, selected by some of your fellow SOMSA members. Just a little way of bringing some extra brightness into your day.

Job postings

If you’re looking for a position, or for a new team member, you’ll find the best opportunities and candidates in our Job Postings area. Postings and resumes are organized into 4 categories: Clerical, Clinical, Administrative, and Other, for those positions with unique responsibilities and requirements. Where better to find a new opportunity or office associate than through an organization dedicated specifically to your profession?

Employers post opportunities here because they know they will find preferred candidates with the experience and education that are the best fit with their requirements. They also recognize that candidates from the SOMSA listings are dedicated to professional excellence and are focused on oral and maxillofacial practice management. Job seekers know their applications will stand out, and won’t be lost in a sea of resumes from a general employment website.

Join SOMSA today!

Dues are paid annually for membership year January through December. If you join in the last quarter — October, November, or December — your membership includes the following year!

SOMSA dues are $285 per year.

Membership benefits

  • Annual Conference – Education and networking—learn from dynamic speakers and engage with other OMS administrators in both formal and informal networking
  • Forums – Access year-round networking on the SOMSA forums, where members share solutions on every topic of OMS practice management
  • Webinars Learn without leaving your office through member-exclusive webinars every other month on wide-ranging topics
  • Educational Resources – The Education Committee is continuously adding to our online library of links and documents to create a database of helpful deadlines and resources
  • OMSNIC Newsletter – SOMSA-exclusive, administrator-targeted newsletter, regarding risk management information and updates, including new on-demand educational courses, webinars, and the OMS Guardian, OMSNIC’s bi-monthly risk management newsletter — no more than 2 emails/month; unsubscribe at any time
Everyone is just like me - serious about quality and committed to excellence.
- Susan Strittmatter, Northern Texas facial & oral surgery


Annual training reminders

  • OSHA
  • CPR
  • Medicare Opt-Out — every 2 years
  • Fire Marshall check
  • Policy manual review
  • Performance reviews
  • Budgets
  • Risk Management issues
  • Bloodborne Pathogens/Biohazardous Waste — as part of annual OSHA
  • Workplace Violence — not required by OSHA, but recommended

Topic areas/delivery methods

  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Team building
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Recording speakers — as allowed at annual conference — can be used in
    video library.
  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Webinars — administrators and staff
  • Procedure manuals
  • Terminology


  • New employee forms
  • Performance review forms
  • Fee sheets
  • Coding forms

Vendors / Certificate Programs

Free, low cost, SOMSA discount

  • HB300 — Texas/California
  • OSHA
  • Coding
  • Possibly in the future SOMSA Certification as OMS Administrator
  • Websites
  • Office Supplies
  • Surgical supplies
  • Phone support
  • Email encryption

Website Support

Utilize as area to link educational information for members

Guide for current Forum


  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Social Media — what to use, what not to use and how


  •  Suggested meetings to attend — AAOMS, ADA, CDA, etc.

Mentoring Program

  • Area members that are willing to mentor — it would be good to try and match people up at annual conference
  • How to reach out to new members – building SOMSA in each of our areas