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Spend an hour each quarter checking in with other OMS practice administrators in your region. We’ll meet the first week of the second month in the quarter. We think you’ll value these conversations with your peers enough that we use Zoom registration to deliver the virtual meeting link, phone number, and access code directly to your calendar, so it will be easy peasy for you to join us.

The calls this year have been so productive.

  • Members showed on screen what’s been working with referral marketing, what they’ve taken to referring offices, where they got the items, the themes they centered marketing ideas around, and how they decided who to spend the most marketing dollars on.
  • We’ve discussed what has been successful in writing job descriptions, whether or not to rise to higher paying competitors, how crafting and discussing the whole benefits package impacts new and current employees, and the effects of intentional training during onboarding.
  • Several practices shared how virtual visits have allowed their doctors to schedule more consults, even after COVID restrictions ended, and they shared the platforms they’re using, how they’re billing and scheduling them, and strategies for chasing those pesky health histories ahead of time.

These quarterly check-ins are practice administrators talking to other practice administrators. Sharing ideas and helping to solve each others’ problems. Won’t you join us? Members, check your email or email Linden for the registration link.


To make sure our conversations are focused, to make the best use of our time together, we’ve drafted an agenda for our check-ins. You can view that agenda any time here.

Topic Survey

What do you want to talk about on next week’s call? Let us know on the survey we emailed you on November 2, 2022. We’ll adjust the agenda based on your topic suggestions, so take a moment to give us your ideas. If you did not receive that email, please reach out to Linden.

Eastern Region 2022 Dates

2 PM Eastern on…
Feb. 2
May 4
Aug. 5
Nov. 2 (all-member meeting at 12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT)

Southern Region 2022 Dates

2 PM Eastern on…
Feb. 3
May 5
Aug. 4
Nov. 2 (all-member meeting at 12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT)

Midwestern Region 2022 Dates

May 4th
Aug. 3
Nov. 2 (all-member meeting at 12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT)

Western Region 2022 Dates

May 16
Aug. 1
Nov. 2 (all-member meeting at 10 AM MDT / 9 AM PDT)

Looking forward to chatting with you throughout the year!

Your Regional Directors:

Joshua Zissman, Eastern Region, The Oral Surgery Group in Southeastern PA
Nancy Hancock-Davidson, Southern Region, Marietta, GA
Crystal Dieter, Midwestern Region, Premier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Janesville, WI
Tara Hart, Western Region, Castle Rock Oral & Facial Surgery in Castle Rock, CO