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Spend an hour each quarter checking in with other OMS practice administrators in your region. We’ll meet at 2 PM EST on the first Thursday of the second month in the quarter. We think you’ll value these conversations with your peers enough that we are going to send you a calendar invite. This will deliver the GoToMeeting link, phone number, and access code directly to your calendar, so it will be easy peasy for you to join us.


To make sure our conversations are focused, to make the best use of our time together, we’ve drafted an agenda for our check-ins. You can view that agenda any time here.

Mid-Western & Western Regions

At this time, the Mid-western and Western Regional Directors positions are vacant, so we will not be holding quarterly check-ins for those regions. If you are willing to lead those check-ins or if you would like to serve as Regional Director for one of those regions, please reach out to one of the current Regional Directors or Linden.

Eastern Region 2022 Dates

2 PM Eastern on…
Feb. 2
May 4
Aug. 5
Nov. 2

Southern Region 2022 Dates

2 PM Eastern on…
Feb. 3
May 5
Aug. 4
Nov. 3

Looking forward to chatting with you, next week and throughout the year!

Your Regional Directors:

Joshua Zissman, Eastern Region, The Oral Surgery Group in Southeastern PA
Nancy Hancock-Davidson, Southern Region, Atlanta Oral Surgery in Atlanta, GA